Small Business Internet Marketing Consultant Firm Website Errors

A lot of small business internet marketing consultant firms are doing a lot of efforts to get their name out there however; they fail to focus a few things especially on their website, which is perhaps the greatest medium that they can employ in reaching out to their prospective customers. In here, we will take a look at a few of the common errors of small business internet marketing consultant firms in setting up their websites.

First among this errors would be to set up a website that is “you” focused. Most of website operators spend a lot of their time praising themselves or stating how good or superb they are in the business. In here, your visitors have to have to know a bit about you, but what holds their interest is the knowledge which you understand their troubles and issues and have ready-made solutions that can help them resolve these troubles. Make your website about your visitors or target market and don’t hog up the spotlight. Your site can function as an attractive online brochure, or it might be a client-generating tool that will enable you to improve your organization. Businesses in almost every industry can benefit from a site, and the majority of those need to critically evaluate their website again and free it from this particular error.

Another common error would be the lack or absence of testimonials or situation studies that show how the firm has helped others solve troubles. One of the easiest ways in which you possibly can produce customer confidence in you is to list testimonials on your website that will help you prove yourself. Testimonials that basically say you are awesome and great do little to establish your credibility. Instead of doing this, you need to have testimonies that clearly state how someone’s life, organization, career, etc. has improved after getting the chance to work with you. These are the things that will make a difference to your visitor. Case studies outlining an issue and how your service helped solve it are also really powerful in convincing a potential client that you can do what you claim.

Next, would be lack of additional resources. One of the measures that can gauge the convenience of a website is if they contain incredibly helpful resources that can assist visitors with their research and problems or dilemmas. I’ve bookmarked websites and subscribed to email newsletters solely on the strength of the website’s resource page. One of the best things that my customers love about working me with is that I have a long list of resources, which I have ready in case they have problems that need to be solved right away. A quantity of these resources are listed on my website or featured in my email newsletter. Many times, I receive no compensation for the resource I advise — I just know that it’s the very best supply of which I’m aware to do a specific task. Whether you provide the answer or not, the greater the perception of your expertise, the greater the value you offer your clients.

Do You Make These Ugly Mistakes in Home Business Network Marketing?

The Sad Truth

If you are just starting a home business network marketing venture, then you need to read this. I don’t imagine anyone told you yet but the sad truth is most network marketing business fail. Actually, the estimates say up to 95% fail. I know it’s a bit of a shock. However you might be even more surprised to hear the reasons behind this high rate of failure.

The Problem and the Solution

You should be relieved to find out that the problems that can lead your home business network marketing endeavor’s sudden death are all within your control. You can become the solution to avoiding the pitfalls and growing a thriving and profitable business.

The Five Ugly Mistakes

1. The Wrong Mindset – This can be tricky for those who are new to being self-employed through their home business network marketing. However it is absolutely vital that you take on the role of leader with confidence and enthusiasm. Your downline will see your positive attitude and it will inspire and excite them.

2. Expecting Too Much Too Fast – We’ve all heard the empty promises and false claims of quick riches. The fact is that just like any home based business, network marketing takes time and dedication. Be in it for the long haul or don’t be in it at all.

3. Stunted Growth – Growing a successful business involves personal growth perhaps above all else. Take advantage of your upline support system and follow their advice with regards to personal development.

4. Ineffective Leadership – Choosing a leader that is competent, seasoned and can inspire you to succeed is absolutely necessary for a successful network marketing business. The same holds true for your own leadership approach to your downline as well.

5. List Building – Perhaps the most overlooked and most important aspect of building a sustainable home business network marketing team is not only to maintain a leads’ list at all times, but also to dedicate time to building relationships with the people on that list. This can go a long way in protecting the future of your business.

Don’t Give Up!

Above all be persistent. If something isn’t working well in your business, review this list and see what needs to be improved upon. Don’t wait until the ceiling falls in before you address them. Start working on these improvements today.

Offline Businesses – Business Blog Marketing For Offline Businesses

Business blog marketing is just one part of the marketing mix where small offline businesses can go head-to-head with large corporations in marketing their offline business endeavors. Using blogs for marketing is so cost-effective it can even be done with no financial investment whatsoever assuming the business already has a computer and an internet connection. While blog marketing is most effective when done with your own domain name and hosting for a couple of hundred dollars per year, it is also possible to start out free by using services like Blogger or WordPress to host your blogs.

Offline businesses should be using blogging even before building a traditional website. You business blog marketing can include listing current and new products and services, keeping your customer base up to date on changes and activities at your company and so much more. Plus, where traditional web sites rely on the search engines for their traffic, business bloggers can use the search engines and the blog directories, and adding audio and or video opens them up to the podcast directories and video sharing sites as well. Best of all, especially for small businesses, all of these promotional opportunities an be added to your offline marketing mix for no additional costs other than the time required to perform each task.

All offline businesses can benefit from targeted lead lists too, and your blog is the perfect place to start compiling your own email marketing leads, using autoresponder software to create your email marketing lists for current and future promotions. Use these email marketing lists to drive traffic into your physical location, to make sales online and to poll your targeted prospects on their needs and wants – powerful information for any marketing manager or small business owner!

As mentioned above, using audio and video marketing via your blog can also help market offline businesses in a big way. Larger corporations can convert their existing radio and TV spots into effective online advertising, while small businesses who can’t afford radio or TV advertising can now use online audio and video marketing to their advantage. A fitness trainer or diet specialist can do a five-minute audio tip each week and post it to their blog, a dentist can use video to show they’re equipped with the latest technologies, a chiropractor can show how relaxing and comfortable their studio is, or a golf pro can film one golf tip per week to help duffers improve their golf game – any of these examples can help build a following for business blogs and help offline businesses market themselves online.